**Sphenix.com and Ankush Shah are FRAUDS **

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Sphenix.com and Ankush Shah supposed Iphone app developers - but in reality they are frauds. They promised me an iphone app and have me a time frame of 6 weeks to deliver. Asked for deposit - which I gave them. And never heard from them again. Buyer beware! Here is their info:


106, Ashok Industrial Complex,

Gokul Nagar, L.B.S. Marg,

Thane 400 601 India

Phone: +91 22 4024 0758

Email : info@sphenix.com

Contacts: Ankush Shah and Amit Rathod

Email: projects@sphenix.com

Do not do business with these people - they are professional scam artists and will take your money and run!

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***Sphenix.com are Frauds and Crooks - Stay Away ***

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They are CROOKS! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM! They will take your money and run and you will not hear from them. I know from my experience with them.

I hired www.sphenix.com to write an Iphone application for our website. They said it would take 4 weeks and would need half payment down. Seemed resonable. I checked their website and they seemed legit.

Well - 4 weeks go by and nothing to show. After many excuses the finally stopped responding. We are now 3 months later and no response.

Do not do business with them - they are based in India and are complete Scam Artists!

Review about: Iphone Application Developing.



I have had a similar experience. Always promising a delivery but very very very late and in the end no delivery.


We have worked with them and had a great experience.


www.sphenix.com Ankush Shah - he is the person who kept stalling and never delivered :cry :cry :( :(


I hired www.shpenix.com to develop an iPhone app.I hired them through a company called odesk so I assumed they were legit.

Wrong! Same story as above. They stalled me telling me they were having issues with the app and then I never heard from them again.

www.sphenix.com.Stay away from them.


Same here- promised me Iphone app - took half down - stalled for 2 months and never heard from them again :cry :cry :cry :cry


Ankush Shah works for www.sphenix.com promised and made many excuses - he gladly took our money and then never heard from him again. The owner of www.sphenix.com contact us to say Ankush Shah was in an "accident" and then we never heard from him again. :( :( :( :( :(


:( Yes -I had the same experience - they are a complete fraud - STAY FAR AWAY!

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